From traffic violations to capital murder, Dustin Thomas has represented Mississippi residents charged with a wide range of felony and misdemeanor crimes. While many criminal defense attorneys can make similar claims, few can match his background and insight.

The founder of the Law Offices of Dustin N. Thomas, PLLC, is a former police officer and current city prosecutor for the city of Pascagoula. He is intimately familiar with the entire criminal process from initial investigations to arrests to trial. That point-of-view is invaluable for his clients facing life-changing legal problems.

A Skilled Criminal Defense Attorney With In-Depth Insight Into The Opposition

Specific areas of our felony and misdemeanor criminal defense practice include:

  • Murder and capital murder
  • Sex crimes
  • Armed robbery
  • Simple and aggravated assault
  • Drug crimes, including possession and manufacturing
  • Drunk driving/DUI
  • Traffic violations

Dustin Thomas was once a police officer who filled out the reports that now serve as evidence to build criminal defenses. Today, as an attorney, he reads between the lines when reviewing those same reports. More importantly, he understands that police officers are human and make mistakes.

Before speaking to anyone, place a call to our law firm. While you should be courteous, you do not have to make law enforcement officers happy. You don't have to tell them anything. You can be respectful without being completely cooperative.

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