Money-related issues can turn a cooperative divorce process into a contested process between two spouses. Statutes dictate how child support is calculated. However, disputes can still arise about income and expenses.

In any divorce-related matter involving children, Dustin Thomas puts their best interests first while protecting the rights of his clients. Our founder not communicating with "legal-speak" makes him someone easy to talk to. That attribute is invaluable for Mississippi residents experiencing the turmoil of divorce.

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While both parents have a duty to support the child until the age of 21, unless you and your spouse agree to joint legal and physical custody, the noncustodial parent will be required to pay child support. The Court will look to the Child Support Guidelines as adopted by the Mississippi Legislature. Adjusted gross income is calculated by taking the entire gross income (from all sources) and subtracting taxes and Social Security, mandatory retirement and disability contributions. The number of children being supported is also factored in.

While the state presumes the guidelines will result in a proper amount of child support, adjustments can be made with the help of an attorney. Other challenges are pursued when the noncustodial spouse is self-employed and hiding income or using business revenue for personal expenses. A material change in circumstances could lead to modifications of the existing agreement.

The founder of the Law Offices of Dustin N. Thomas, PLLC, attends to every detail of child support agreements. More complex cases where income may be hidden require the help of forensic accountants and other financial experts. His fact finding helps provide the peace of mind necessary as parents and children transition into a new chapter of their lives.

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