Slip-and-fall accidents can result in serious and potentially fatal injuries. Slipping on ice, falling down stairs or tripping over a sidewalk crack are more than an embarrassing moments. If you have been the victim of a negligent property owner, contact the Law Offices of Dustin N. Thomas, PLLC, for help with a premises liability claim.

When commercial property owners fail to maintain high standards of safety for their patrons, hazardous conditions are created that cause serious injuries. Boxes can fall off shelves and spilled water can be left unattended. Less-than-vigilant security guards can create dangerous, potentially deadly surroundings in already poorly lit parking lots.

Dedication And Detail-Oriented Approaches In Building Your Slip-And-Fall Claim

Medical treatment comes first. If your injuries weren't too severe, you may have been able to check your surroundings. Identifying the defect that caused the fall and talking to witnesses can help Mississippi personal injury lawyer Dustin Thomas, the founder of our firm, build a strong, fact-based personal injury claims. Most, if not all, modern cell phones have a camera, take pictures. All the tools available on Android and iPhones are readily accessible from our Smartphone App, download it today, Free! LINK

From the moment we take on your slip-and-fall accident claim, we attend to every detail. From reviewing the accident scene to talking to witnesses, we get to the facts. Oftentimes, the store's safety policies and maintenance procedures are scrutinized to see if what could have been done to prevent the accident.

While you recover from your injuries, Dustin Thomas, the founder of our law firm, works hard to establish your claim and pursue the maximum compensation you are entitled to.

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