The stakes are high following an arrest for a crime. Those stakes are raised if you are facing an investigation for or have been charged with felony criminal charges. Before speaking to police officers and prosecutors, do not make any decisions before contacting attorney Dustin Thomas.

Options exist when you are looking for a criminal defense attorney. Felony charges create complexities that not all lawyers can handle. You need someone who not only is skilled and successful, but also had a unique and invaluable background.

A Felony Criminal Defense Lawyer, Former Police Officer And Current Prosecutor

Dustin Thomas is a former police officer and current city prosecutor for the city of Pascagoula. His insight into the criminal process from different points of view is practically unmatched. From initial investigations to arrests to trial, he has experienced all steps from both sides. More importantly, he understands police work. Officers are only human. Mistakes can be made.

At the Law Offices of Dustin N. Thomas, PLLC, our founder represents Mississippi residents facing serious felony charges that include:

  • Capital murder and murder
  • Manslaughter
  • Sex crimes
  • Robbery
  • Computer fraud
  • Drug crimes, including possession and trafficking

Felony crimes carry significant penalties if you are convicted. From thousands of dollars in fines to life in prison without parole to the death penalty, you need immediate and aggressive representation.

A conviction has consequences beyond prison sentences and steep fines. Having a felony on your criminal record impacts your ability to find work, pursue an education or locate a place to live.

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